Intuit Proconnect


Create an Unparalleled Tax Technology Ecosystem with Intuit Proconnect

Save time and reduce unnecessary paperwork through our convenient and easily accessible tax portal. Document sharing has never been easier.

With the use of Intuit Proconnect tax technology, we can spend less time on the technical elements and deeply focus on more complex aspects of our client’s financial and tax needs.

This industry-leading platform helps us deliver more value to each of our clients´ financial sessions, offering them a more centered approach designed to tackle complex returns. 

Intuit Proconnect provides us the ability to quickly request any of our client’s documents, check their tax status, make necessary modifications, all while providing them with a futuristic view of how they could expect their taxes to look like throughout the years.

We can leverage each of our client’s tax planning using the ProConnect Tax Online improved tax planner tool and help them plan for future scenarios by comparing and analyzing different tax implications across the years.

With the use of Intuit Proconnect, we can help you analyze your finances from a tax angle, with the main goal to maximize tax efficiency.

Connect with us and let us help you navigate the complex world of taxes through the use of high-end tax technology.