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At Scott Marsh Financial, we’re committed to helping you create a legacy of prosperity. Since 1980, we’ve worked as an independent, boutique financial firm helping families throughout the United States build their personal wealth to create a prosperous legacy for future generations and empower them through insightful sharing.

What sets us apart is our 35+ years of financial industry experience as well as providing financial education to individuals, families, and financial professionals in Utah and across the United States. As an educator at Brigham Young University, Scott Marsh has established himself as a thought leader not only in his own community but also in the larger financial industry. We believe America’s financial future depends on the practice of proven financial practices, behaviors, and techniques which are best learned in an enlightened and objective educational setting.

Financial Goals and Aspirations

As fiduciary, fee-only financial advisors, we are required to act in the best interest of our clients at all times. We’ll always put your needs first as we advise you, and we’ll custom tailor your financial plan according to your needs. We offer family office-level services so that you can gain all the financial help you need under one roof, such as CPA services.

At the end of the day, it’s our responsibility to regularly keep you informed about the investment and tax status of your portfolio(s) so you can sleep better at night knowing that your hard-earned nest egg is working for you based on your financial goals and aspirations while building a legacy for your family.

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