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Extra Credit

Each semester you can participate in one extra credit project. Your efforts will bless the lives of others through continued research and innovation. By participating, you will raise the score of one exam by the equivalent of 3 half steps. Below you will find a brief description of each of the projects. To sign up for a project, fill out the form at the bottom of the page.

Prosperity, the scriptures, and the prophets

Over the last 6 years, students in BUSM 200 have compiled a large database that highlights scriptural and prophetic references to prosperity. Our vision is to make this database available to others by putting it in an online format that others can access and enjoy.

A love for the scriptures and experience in My SQL or similar systems knowledge would be a good fit for this project.

Open Source

The term 'open source' is used to describe the collaborative effort of a community toward a product's end, often without financial incentive for those who contribute. If you have ever used Wikipedia, viewed a web page, or driven a car, you have benefitted from open source efforts.

Participation in this project will involve the identification of excellent open-source resources.

Participation in the courseware project will likely involve the formatting/selection of materials to be included in an open course as well as experimenting with production options.


Many of you are familiar with Ted Talks. We would like to borrow the concept and apply it to money and prosperity. There are many inspiring and innovative methods people have employed in their wealth accumulation strategies. We would like to find these people and find a way for them to tell their story .

Million Dollar Choices

Going along with the theme of open source, we would like to create an online platform where people can share Million Dollar Choices.

If you have experience programming wikis, this would be a great project for you.


Most of us spend the majority of our time sitting down - whether it be working on a computer, reading, or watching TV. WALK SMART seeks to combine simple exercises with activities that one would normally do sitting down. Research shows that moderate exercise while working enhances the cognitive process while providing great health benefits. In its simplest form, WALK SMART is the combination of something like a tradmill with a workstation- allowing you to work while you walk.

Participants would be involved in developing a treadmill that could interface with a personal computer, tablet, or smart phone. Participants could also work to measure the cognitive and physical benefits of such workstations.

Profiles in Prosperity

Research has shown that traditional financial education has proven to be ineffective at changing people's behavior. However, developing research is showing that behavioral finance classes can have a much more positive result. Profiles in prosperity seeks to discover the underlying causes that make financial education successful.

The project also seeks to profile examples of those that have experienced what we would consider financial prosperity. These profiles of prosperity provide a pattern that can serve as a pattern for others.

Cognitive Velocity

The cognitive velocity project involves the use of mnemonic devices to learn the content of the Book of Mormon and the other standard works. A mnemonic device is a learning technique that aids memory. Mnemonics rely on associations between easy-to-remember constructs which can be related back to the data that is to be remembered.

To participate in the cognitive velocity project, you will attend an after-class session with Professor Marsh where he will briefly explain what the project entails. You will then be expected to listen to the recordings posted below detailing the use of the mnemonic devices in the Book of Mormon. We want you to rely entirely on the recordings to guide you through the process and then report back to us your progress and any areas that were unclear in a form we will provide.

To guide you through participation in the project, we have summarized the steps below:

    1. Attend the after-class session held by Professor Marsh. The session will be announced via email for those who have signed up for the project. If the session has already taken place and you did not get an email, contact Mark
    2. Listen to the recordings below:

          Session 1

          Session 2

          Session 3

      3. Receive a copy of the Book of Mormon CD.
      4. Download the Cognitive Velocity zip file.
      5. Use the cognitive velocity program to practice your memory of the 100 pegs and the contents of the Book of Mormon.
      6. Test yourself using the zip file provided.

    Smartphone Apps

    As we have discussed in class, the Internet can be a tremendous source for knowledge. As the use of smartphones increase, there is a need for reliable, objective apps that can aid in the prosperity process.

    If you have experience in creating apps, this is the project for you.

    Open Source Fundraising

    Remember the 1 Red Paperclip? Ideas such as this can be innovative, inexpensive and very effective for fundraising causes. If you know of more innovative, inexpensive fundraising ideas, this project would be a good fit.

    Ten Innovations

    What do you think will be the ten biggest innovations of your lifetime?

    Special Skills

    Do you know web programming, Photoshop, or Java? If so, we have special project for you.

    I Feel Lucky

    Don't know what to pick but still want to participate? Choose this option to have a project assigned to you.