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21 Days Of Innovations That Will Change Your Life

Category Title Presenter
Medical The Wireless Future of Medicine Eric Topol
Brain & Cognitive Growing Evidence of Brain Plasticity Michael Merzenich
Fitness & Health Your genes are not your fate Dean Ornish
Technology Pointing to the Future of UI John Underkoffler
Energy A 40 Year Energy Plan Amory Lovins
Humanitarian Digital Humanitarianism Paul Conneally
Human Behavior The game that can give you 10 extra years of life Jane McGonigal
Education Let's Use Video to Reinvent Education Salman Khan
Higher Education What we're learning from online education Daphne Koller
Open Source Open-Source Learning Richard Baraniuk
Computers The Beauty of Data Vizualization David McCandless
Communication Image Recognition that Triggers Augmented Reality Matt Mills
Finance The Price of Happiness Benjamin Wallace
Government The Next Age of Government David Cameron
Corporate The Future of Business is the "Mesh" Lisa Gansky
Futuristic The Future of Space Burt Rutan
Arts & Entertainment Creates New Creatures Theo Jansen
Our Youth Award-winning teenage science in action Lauren Hodge, Shree Bose, Naomi Shah
Sixth Sense Technology The thrilling potential of Sixth Sense technology Pranav Mistry
Happiness/Productivity The happy secret to better work Shawn Achor
Science of Happiness The surprising science of happiness Dan Gilbert