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21 Days of World Class Innovation - Education Week 2013

Category Title Presenter
Technology and Medicine Medicine's future? Theres an app for that Daniel Kraft
Education Build a School in the Cloud Sugata Mitra
Data/Information The Surprising Seeds of a Big-Data Revolution in Health Care Joel Selanikio
Regenerative Medicine Printing a Human Kidney Anthony Atala
Neuroscience Parkinson's, Depression and the Switch That Might Turn Them Off Andres Lozano
Health Care Team Health Care Should be a Team Sport Eric Dishman
Disease Re-engineering mosquitos to fight disease Hadyn Parry
Open-source How open data is changing international aid Sanjay Pradhan
Open-source How the Internet Will (one day) Transform Government Clay Shirky
Brain Imaging What We're Learning From 5,000 brains Read Montague
Stem Cells The Promise of Research With Stem Cells Susan Solomon
Human/Computers The Rise of Human-Computer Cooperation Shyam Sankar
Photography Imagining at a Trillion Frames Per Second Ramesh Raskar
Open-source Four Principles for the Open World Don Tapscott
Energy A 40 Year Plan for Energy Amory Lovins
Medicine How Do We Heal Medicine Atul Gawande
Abundance Abundance is Our Future Peter Diamandis
Technology The Accelerating Power of Technology Ray Kurzweil
World Class Prosperity The Best Stats You've Ever Seen Hans Rosling
Surgery without cuts Ultrasound Surgery - Healing Without Cuts Yoav Meden

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